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Clifton Diocese is the Catholic diocese covering the West of England and includes the City and County of Bristol, the counties of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset.

A Future Full of Hope


The new Diocesan Vision, inspired by Pope Francis, emphasises a ‘more outward focus’ and sets out out a roadmap for the three year Vision

Bishop Declan Lang

Bishop Declan Lang is the ninth Bishop of Clifton. Within the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, he is Chair of the Department of International Affairs

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There are 107 parishes within 13 deaneries in the Clifton Diocese along with 53 primary, 9 secondary, 6 independent and 2 special schools

Clifton Diocese

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Advent Reflections and Resources

A weekly series of video Reflections to help us to engage more fully with Advent and its rich themes. Second Reflection online now: A Time for Peace

Christmas Mass Times

For many of our Parishes, Christmas Masses are among the best attended and the most important of the year. Find Mass times in our Parishes here

Sacred space

Discover a wealth of prayer resources to support and enhance your daily prayer                               .


Tasked by our bishop with implementing the vision of the Liturgy Constitution of the Second Vatican Council

What We Believe

Catholicism is the most ancient Christian Church. Jesus established his Apostles to go and proclaim his love to the world.


Resources and information for ‘The year of the Word’ – the God who Speaks. See how you can get involved

Pope Francis

The Pope’s Monthly Intentions videos are to assist in the dissemination of monthly intentions of the Holy Father

Today’s Readings

What is the Liturgy of the Hours? Find the daily readings courtesy of 

Youth Ministry

Clifton Diocese Youth Ministry provides opportunities for young people to further their involvement in the Catholic Church


Find all the information about our Diocesan pilgrimages: Lourdes, Glastonbury and the Holy Land


“Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s Ministry to children and vulnerable adults

Clifton Diocese

Our Latest News

New course in Youth Ministry starts in January 2020

New course in Youth Ministry starts in January 2020

A new course in Youth Ministry is being facilitated by the Clifton Diocese beginning in January 2020. This opportunity mirrors the Liturgy Course by forming, training and preparing those in our parishes for ministry. It is open to all in our parishes,...

The next round of catechists’ formation starts in January 2020

The next round of catechists’ formation starts in January 2020

The next round of catechists’ formation starts in January 2020 and is designed for the formation of the catechists of our diocese. The course is aimed at forming new catechists as well as supporting and refreshing existing and “well-seasoned” catechists....

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