Bishop Declan’s


October 2019:

Tuesday 1: 10.00 am, 40th anniversary St Francis School, Nailsea

Wednesday 2: 7.00 pm, Confirmation St Alphege Bath

Thursday 3: 7.00 pm, Confirmation Sacred Heart Cheltenham

Friday 4: Visit to St Mary’s School Chippenham

Sunday 6: 3.30 pm, Evening prayer for those who are separated, divorced or remarried, St John’s Bath

Monday 7: 7.00 pm, Golden Jubilee of Holy Family Swindon

Tuesday 8: Bishops Conference Standing Committee meeting, London

Wednesday 9: 7.00 pm, Confirmation Corpus Christi Weston-super-Mare

Thursday 10: 11.30 am, Jubilarians Mass, Clifton Cathedral

Friday 11: 10.00 am, H R Committee meeting, St Ambrose

Monday 14: 5.15 pm, Choral Evensong celebrating Cardinal Newman as an ecumenical saint, Wells Cathedral

Tuesday 15: 7.00 pm, Confirmation St Gregory’s Taunton

Wednesday 16: 9.30 am, Trustee meeting St Ambrose

Thursday 17: Day of Formation for R.E. Coordinators and Chaplains,, St John’s Bath

Saturday 19: Launch of the Year of Communion, St Brendan’s College Bristol

Sunday 20: 11.00 am, Mass and blessing of statue, St Francis Nailsea

Tuesday 22: 10.00 am, Bishop’s Council meeting, St Ambrose

Wednesday 23: Trustee Strategy meeting

7.00 pm, Missio Mission Mass, Clifton Cathedral

Thursday 24: 10.30 am, African Forum, London

Friday 25: Visit to St Mary’s Primary School, Bath

Saturday 26: Celebrate Bristol, St Bede’s College Bristol

Monday 29: Middle East Forum meeting, London

Tuesday 30: 7.00 pm, Confirmation St Gerard Majella Bristol.