Bishop Declan’s


November 2019:

Friday 1: 10.30am, Academy Project Board Meeting, St Ambrose

Saturday 2: 11.00am, All Souls Day Mass, All Souls Cemetery

Monday 4: 12.30pm, Funeral Mass, Archbishop Michael Bowen, Lambeth

Tuesday 5: International Affairs Meeting, London

Wednesday 6: 10.30am, Council of Priests meeting, Clifton Cathedral

Friday 8: 9.30am, Head Teacher’s Retreat, Ammerdown

Saturday 9: Gala Dinner for Clifton Cathedral

Sunday 10: 11.00am, Remembrance Sunday, Bristol’s Cenotaph

Monday 11: Province Meeting of Bishops, Birmingham

Tuesday 12: 11.00am, Deans Meeting, St Ambrose. 2.00pm, Bishop’s Council

Wednesday 13: 11.00am, Chaplaincy Commissioning. Clifton Cathedral

Thursday 14: 11.00am, Chapter Meeting, Clifton Cathedral

Friday 15: 10.30am, Mass at St Catherine’s Primary School, Swindon

Wednesday 20: Mixed Commission Meeting, London

Thursday 21: CCDEF Meeting , St Ambrose

Friday 22: 7.00pm, Launch of the Year of Communion, Clifton Cathedral

Saturday 23: 11.00am, Diocesan Youth Gathering, St Bede’s Catholic College, Bristol

Monday 25 – Thursday 28: Bishop’s Conference Plenary, Leeds