Adult Education


Adult Education and Evangelisation Department:

The department supports the faith formation of parishioners throughout our diocese.

We seek to empower people to share their faith with others as catechists and serve their neighbours in ministry.

We seek to bring people together to listen to and support one another as we work together to spread the Gospel and build up the Kingdom of God in our ordinary lives.

Find our resources, events, and opportunities on our Faith and Formation page.

Postal Address:

Alexander House,
160 Pennywell Road,


Sarah Adams


Tel: 0117 902 5595





Richard Williams


Tel: 0117 902 5595




Caritas and Environmental Officer:

 Jason Charewicz

I work with people and parishes to live their faith through responding to the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of the Earth. I am excited to encourage, facilitate, and support groups to respond to the particular Cry which they hear. As a community rooted in Christ, we can build one another up in service to our neighbours most in need. If you have any questions, or ideas, please send me an email.

Tel: 0117 902 5595