Ongoing and Continuing Formation

‘Ongoing formation is not merely in-service training. It is all that will help priests and deacons to grow and mature emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and to care for themselves physically. It is also all that will help them develop and improve those personal and professional skills which are necessary for the successful exercise of their ministry’.

The Ongoing Formation of the Clergy – Committee for Ministerial Formation, 1994

The diocese commits itself to supporting our priests in their ministry, nurturing them spiritually, academically, pastorally and, of course, as a human being.

Each year, our priests are given an array of opportunity to allow them to participate in something that will support them in their priestly ministry, draw them together fraternally with other priests working in the diocese, and send them away (hopefully) nourished for the ministry that draws on their gifts and their service.

OGF invites our priests to participate in days of study, in days of recollection, in opportunities to meet socially with brother priests, to celebrate the Prayer of the Church and the Sacraments together, moments of pilgrimage and retreat, and moments to celebrate and reflect upon priesthood.