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Diocesan Youth Gathering

Our annual Youth Gathering is taking place on Saturday 23rd November 2019 11am – 4pm. Please bring a packed lunch!

The event is taking place at: St Bede’s Catholic College, Long Cross, Lawrence Weston. Bristol. BS11 0SU.

Young people of Secondary school age and above are welcome to attend.

Please complete the booking and parental consent form below to register your place. Paper copies will be available on the day.

Youth Gathering 2019 booking form

Does the applicant have any medical conditions or allergies that we should be aware of. Please include any medication they regularly take
Please make us aware of any further information about the applicant that would help us to support them through the week. (e.g. learning difficulties, ADHD, confidence issues etc)


In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. If contact cannot be made, we ask you to give permission for a medical professional to give whatever treatment that they deem appropriate and necessary.
GDPR: Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held about these individuals by the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice; which is available at