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Fr. Peter Slocombe ;

Fr. Richard McKay;

Fr. Patrick Eastman;

Fr.Thomas Dubois;

Professor Gavin D’Costa,

Marie Hackett


Nostra Aetate

lumen gentium

Bishop’s Conference – Dialogue and Unity


As part of the Diocesan Commission for Dialogue and Unity we are working towards realising the Church’s mission to enter into dialogue with those of other faiths in order to promote peace, justice and goodwill within our communities and beyond. In such a diverse Diocese as ours, covering urban and rural areas in the three counties of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire as well as Bristol, there is much to do in raising awareness among Catholics of the importance of this Mission; in some places, mainly, of course, the urban areas of our Diocese, there is already awareness, cooperation and dialogue at varying levels, but the  aim is eventually to extend this to the more rural parts of the Diocese.  It is hoped that a programme to achieve this will be outlined and put in place shortly.

There is to be an Interfaith event, of prayers, song, readings and reflections in celebration of Creation in Clifton Cathedral at 7pm on Tuesday April 30th. There will be the opportunity to welcome and get to know our friends of other faiths  afterwards over light refreshments in the Apostle Room. All are warmly invited.

Inter-Faith week 2018 – an evening’s conversation focussing on Peace:

As part of Inter-Faith week 2018 and building upon the superb opportunity of listening to other faiths engage in an understanding of Mercy during the Jubilee, we have arranged for an evening’s conversation focusing on peace.  We are pleased to be welcoming three distinguished speakers to our diocese who, together, will unfold in conversation an understanding of peace held at the centre of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Our hope is that, as with the Jubilee, we will open up avenues of dialogue in order that we might understand one another better and grow in our respect and appreciation of others.

To this end, Professor Sajjad Rizvi, Dr Alexander Goldberg and Jacob Fareed Imam will come together in the Apostle Room of Clifton Cathedral on Wednesday 14 November, bringing with them their own tradition’s belief and understanding of peace as part of their understanding of God and how that challenges the believer to live in reflection of that belief. The conversations will be ‘chaired’ by Professor Gavin D’Costa and should provide wonderful opportunity for insight, understanding and for questions. As part of the evening’s conversation all three speakers will address something on the issue of peace in the Holy Land.The evening will begin at 7.15pm and refreshments will be available from 6.30pm. All are most welcome.

Professor Sajjad Rizvi, University of Exeter is a Muslim and a specialist on Islamic philosophy and interfaith dialogue and has advised various government departments on Iraq, Iran, Shiʿi Islam in the Gulf, and Islam in Britain and Europe;  

Dr Alexander Goldberg is a Jew and an international consultant on intercultural, interfaith and a community relations advisor to a large global humanitarian organisation and a number of international projects. He served as the Chief Executive of the London Jewish Forum and was called to the Bar in 2001;

Jacob Fareed Imam is a Catholic who was Marshall Scholar at the University of Oxford researching the Quran’s use of Biblical materials. He is currently undertaking a doctorate at Oxford investigating the Islamic roots of the Protestant Reformation. He has served as a curriculum consultant for Bethlehem University, a researcher for Oxford’s Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Cambridge’s Tyndale House.

Interfaith Officer: Carlotta Kramskoy
c/o  St Ambrose
North Road
Leigh Woods
Bristol BS8 3PW
Mobile: 07881 780457


Bishop Declan visits Mosque in Bristol

On Friday 25th November, Bishop Declan visited the Jamai Mosque in Totterdown, Bristol, after being invited by Zaheer Shabir.

As the pictures below show, he met many of the Muslims in the Mosque and said afterwards that he was ‘privileged and honoured to be there’.

Bishop Declan Visit To The Jamai Mosque In Totterdown

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