28th September 2019 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Immaculate Conception Church Hall, Beeches Green GL5 4AA
Stroud GL5 4AA

What to expect on Saturday 28th September, 10.30-4.30

When we arrive at Immaculate Conception Church Hall, Beeches Green, Stroud GL5 4AA, there will be a welcome with tea or coffee. A table will be set up for our lunch offerings.

We count ourselves as members, both of our own church communities, helping one another draw closer to God, and also of the dispersed community of Green Christians, shrinking our carbon footprint and finding enjoyment in a simple life. After opening prayers, we will explore what might be a Green Christian way of life – prayer, lifestyle, witness, encouragement.

At the end of the morning, there will be time for questions about Christian Climate Action: its members take non-violent direct action to urge those in the corridors of power to make the changes needed to meet our climate emergency. After lunch, if fine, those able and willing will walk in quiet procession to and from adjacent Stratford Park.

The afternoon will showcase ‘Joy in Enough’, a campaign for a fair and sustainable economy. Some question our need as Christians to care about economics. As writer Jeremy Williams puts it: “Economics is all about how we produce wealth, who gets a share in it, and what we spend it on. There are ways of making and spending wealth that include the poorest and most vulnerable. And there are economic structures that ignore the needs of the poor, or that exploit the natural world – both things that the Bible warns us about. The Church can be a voice for a fair, compassionate and sustainable economics and, as Christians, we can model a healthy approach to money and possessions. Jesus invites us to be a light to the world, exposing injustice and illuminating a better way. We are called to bring light to every arena of life, including the market place.” The ‘Joy in Enough’ project challenges us to imagine and work towards an economy that supports human flourishing within planetary boundaries. After an introduction, in facilitated group discussion we will consider “Why do we need all this stuff?” – looking at the economics, psychology, sociology and theology of consumerism.

A plenary session will finally let us consider “where do we go from here?”, before closing worship.