8th June 2019 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Prinknash Monastery Chapel
Gloucester GL4 8EX

2019 Year of Prayer Retreat Days

Come back to me with all your heart

Retreat Days with Prayer and healing basis led by Abbot Martin McLaughlin and Dr Sarah Richards

Prayer enriches our lives and brings us closer to God and to other people. It is a vital part of our relationship with God, and all relationships benefit from being nurtured, encouraged and supported. We tend to think of the heart as the seat of the emotions, especially love. In Hebrew the word for heart, “lev,” encompasses the mind and the thoughts, so in the prayer of the heart we bring our entire selves to God in prayer, and we also bring all those we hold in our hearts and minds into our prayer. 

We would like to invite you to join us for the retreat days in 2019 and enjoy the peaceful, congenial surroundings with opportunities for personal prayer and for prayer with companions. You will be very welcome.


9.30am                                                Mass in Chapel

10.15-10.45am                                   Coffee in meeting room

10.45am                                              At Meeting Room – gathering prayer, talk and exploring session on the retreat day theme.

12.30pm                                              lunch (bring your own or use the café)

1.30pm                                                Continue retreat day theme and pray together.

3-3.30pm                                            Adoration, and Benediction in Chapel to finish.


Saturday 26th  January:                     Praying with Jesus

Saturday 23rd February:                     Praying the traditional prayer of the Church

Saturday 9th   March:                         Praying with Holy Spirit

Saturday 13th April:                            Praying with the Psalms

Saturday  4th May:                             Praying with Mary

Saturday  8th   June:                           Praying with Angels and Saints

Saturday 27th July:                             Praying with focus on the beauty in nature,

Saturday 7th  September:                  Praying for healing of memories and relationships

Saturday 12th  October:                     Praying for protection

Saturday 9th November:                    Praying with the Scriptures