This page brings together the background to our pastoral guidelines ‘Called to be a People of Hope’ and many of the publications which are part of our positive planning for the future.

The presentation of our pastoral guidelines ‘Called to be a People of Hope’ took place throughout the diocese in November 2008.

Discussions about the pastoral guidelines for the diocese began in December 2006. Since then all parishes, schools and other groups in the diocese have taken part in the consultation ‘Seeking the Face of Christ’, with over 1500 people coming to the various gatherings around the diocese.

‘Called to be a People of Hope’ can be found on the right of this page

Catholicism is the most ancient and enduring Christian Church.  Jesus established his Apostles under the authority of St Peter to go and proclaim his love to the world.  Today the Catholic Church continues this same mission guided by the Bishops, who are the successors of the Apostles, and under the leadership of the Pope, who is the successor of St Peter.

The Catholic Church believes that Jesus becomes truly present in Holy Communion and that we encounter God in a special way in the sacraments of the Church. At Clifton Diocese, we live this Catholic faith and invite you to come and experience our joy in the Lord Jesus.

For Catholics, “The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” Through the words of Consecration spoken by the Priest, Catholics believe that our Lord Jesus becomes truly present in the Eucharistic or Holy Communion. The Bread and Wine become Christ’s Body and Blood. Why do we believe this? Because Jesus tells us in John 6:55: “… my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink,”

The Mass is the most important prayer for Catholics. Within Clifton Diocese, there are daily Masses and the opportunity to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. It won’t cost you anything, but this most profound gift from God is available, whenever you come to Mass.