A Year with St Matthew

We have the joy of having St Matthew accompany us through this Liturgical Year 2016/2017. Over the next twelve months we will find ourselves immersed in his telling of the Good News and his unfolding of who Jesus is. Sunday by Sunday (with one or two exceptions) we listen to Matthew deepening our understanding of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, who comes as the fulfilment of the hopes, the longings and the promises of a people waiting for a saviour.

To accompany us through this year, Father Henry Wansbrough, a Benedictine monk from Ampleforth and one of this country’s respected scripture scholars, offers us here in Clifton a series of reflections to support and encourage our reading, our praying and our understanding. Each month he offers us a different insight into Matthew’s Good News and his understanding of Jesus. You can read them online or download them for use at home, in your parishes, or in a group context.It would be a worthwhile thing to read the whole of Matthew’s Gospel at the start of this Year. You can see links to finding Matthew’s Gospel online and to some of the resources Fr Henry has written to accompany a prayerful reading and stimulate reflection throughout the Year.Matthew reveals to us God-with-us, the God who is with us always. May we come to experience the abiding presence of the Lord anew as his love for us unfolds through Matthew’s writing.


You can find and read St Matthew’s Gospel here, through the Vatican website.