The season of Advent is rapidly approaching.! The beginning to a new liturgical year is a time of preparation. We decorate our parishes and our homes as a foretaste of the Christmas feast. We make plans to come together for parties and carolling. It is a time of celebration with friends and family.

This joy is an important part of our faith. Bound up with that joy is the mission of the Church. Many of our sisters and brothers, and our neighbours in our communities, will struggle this winter because of the cost-of-living crisis. Part of our preparations to celebrate the Birth of Christ must be to imitate God’s overwhelming love for His people in service.

Many of us will be familiar with Advent Calendars, which help us count down to Christmas Day with chocolate treats. This year, the Department for Adult Education has produced the Advent Mission Calendar to support our parishioners live the mission of the Church. Rather than receiving a treat on each day, the Advent Mission Calendar prompts us to set something aside to support those in need this year.

Each day has a different suggestion of an item to donate to your local foodbank. Whether you are able to provide these twenty-eight items, or a smaller number of other donations, we invite you in the name of Christ to join in the mission of the Church this Advent. Be sure to bring your donations in time for Christmas.

If you would like to get more involved, there are a few things you can do. You can contact your local foodbank and ask if there are specific goods in high demand. You can also speak with your parish priest, or people in your parish, and see if it’s feasible to bring your gifts together and as a parish bring them to the local foodbank. Finally, please contact if you’d like support or have any questions.