This past year has been like no other in living memory. Our parishes have faced incredible challenges from the suspension of Masses to the disconnection of our communities, priests being isolated from their parishioners, the scaling back and even complete halting of many parish ministries and financial struggles. The idea of doing anything new in this season has just felt daunting, if not impossible.

Even in these challenging times, the mission of the Church remains the same – to make disciples of all nations. Jesus hasn’t changed His mind, nor has He left us alone! At Alpha, our mission is to equip the Church in its mission to help people to discover and develop a relationship with Jesus and become His disciples. That’s why over the past year we have developed Alpha Online, a resource which is free, easy to run, connects people and raises up leaders enabling parishes to get back to the mission of the Church at their own pace.

Mike Roche and Jo de Paula from Alpha – Catholic Context UK invite you to join them for a training day on Saturday 6th March 10am-1pm where you can hear more about Alpha Online, how it works, how to invite guests and how to host an online Alpha Day. The training will be on Zoom.

You can register for the training day here.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Mike Roche at

Looking forward to seeing you on 6th March!