St Francis’ primary school pupils in Nailsea have started taking part in the Big Walk and Wheel, the UK’s biggest schools active travel challenge.

Starting on 11th March, pupils will walk, scoot or cycle to and from school for as many journeys as possible over two weeks. To kick start the challenge, pupils were encouraged to ‘Bling Up’ their bike, scooter or shoes resulting in a colourful start to the school week.

Ms Ellams, St Francis Primary School Head of School said:

It’s wonderful to see so many families embracing this challenge. This links to the work we are doing in school to care for our world – and what a wonderful way to start the day for the children and their families!

The Big Walk and Wheel sees schools challenge themselves each day over one energetic fortnight to make the most journeys by walking, scooting and cycling to school. The aim is to inspire pupils to make active journeys to school, encourage physical activity, help improve alertness in class and help reduce traffic outside the school gates.

Toby, age 6, at St Francis School said “I love scooting and it really woke up my brain for school!”