Did you know that, although CAFOD is officially 60 years old this year, CAFOD was actually born two years earlier?  

In 1960, on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, children were starving and the community appealed for support to build a mother-and-baby clinic. A group of resourceful women heard their appeal and felt called to make a difference. Together with others from the National Board of Catholic Women, the Catholic Women’s League and the Union of Catholic Mothers they organised the first Family Fast Day. CAFOD was born. 

Ever since its birth, CAFOD has been made up of women and men who, like those founding mothers, respond in solidarity with marginalised communities across the world and encourage all of us to get involved in prayer, giving and campaigning for justice. 

Today, CAFOD has over 3,700 volunteers across England and Wales. Among a wide range of activities, volunteers organise prayer services in parishes, lead activities with children in schools, post information on our social media channels and bring groups of volunteers together for sharing.

We are blessed to have volunteers ranging in age from teenagers to octogenarians, which goes to prove age is no barrier to volunteering. For instance, Jenny joined us when she was just fifteen years old as a social media volunteer, who progressed to being a fundraiser and young leader. Now she is at university but still joins in with our campaign work. 

Helen, at 82 years young has just completed 410 miles doing our Walk Against Hunger during Lent and raised over £1,200. Others are part of parish groups and serve teas and coffees every week after mass, sometimes with freshly baked goodies too! There’s no limit to what can be done! 

You can meet more volunteers and find out how you can get involved on cafod.org.uk/volunteer/meet-our-volunteers 

They say you are as old as you feel. Whether 60 or 62, CAFOD’s mission to overcome poverty and injustice in partnership with our global family has never felt so urgent, needed or alive. CAFOD can only continue to make a difference because of all the people who freely give their time to spread the word and support the mission. Would you consider joining our volunteer team and making a tremendous difference in the fight against global poverty and injustice?