When Colin Parsons from the Catenians in Newport Circle mentioned that the Ebbw Fach Choir was looking to give a concert (and willing to cross the Severn Estuary) Weston-super-Mare Circle knew the perfect venue.  The Immaculate Conception Church in Clevedon is renowned for its excellent acoustics, and Weston-super-Mare Circle is renowned for finding ways to boost its President’s Charity.

One of Circle President Martin O’Neill’s charities is the Mahola Project, working to bring much needed basic healthcare to a rural area in south west Cameroon.  By coincidence the local parish in Clevedon is also supporting the Project.  So holding a concert in the church with the proceeds going to the Mahola Project was the perfect match.

The result was an excellent evening of music that was thoroughly appreciated by the audience.  At the end of the concert the same words could be heard resonating through the church – when’s the next one going to be?  There was further appreciation from President Martin after finding nearly £600 extra in his Charity fund.