Children from St Bernadette Primary School in Bristol were treated to another terrific day of fun activities and serious learning – this time on the timely topic of Climate Change.

The Year 4 pupils rose to the challenge exploring a range of high-level concepts. These included discovering the various gases that are filling the Earth’s atmosphere and devising ways of slowing down the damage they are causing. The children also took part in a “live TV broadcast” reading the weather and outlining the changes our seasons are undergoing.

A firm favourite of the day was a role play – complete with costumes and inflatable boat- to experience how severe drought and extreme flooding will impact NHS workers, farmers and citizens. Finally, with the knowledge they had gained, children designed a state-of-the-art school building for 2070 incorporating the features St Bernadette Primary would need to survive the severe shifts in climate the planet is going to experience. Before leaving, the children reflected on what they had learned and made a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.

It was a great experience to learn how to slow down Climate Change. LOLA

A day to cherish! ISAAC

I found it interesting learning about the different gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. ALISSIA

We learned exactly why the weather is changing. JAELEN

I loved designing the school of the future! OLIVIA

The role play about drought and flood was so important- that could well happen in the future. JASMINE

I loved being a BBC weather presenter! ALFIE

Previous days enjoyed by St Bernadette at Emmaus House include Biodiversity and the management and fair distribution of the world’s water supply.