One hundred years ago this year, Oscar Romero was born on 15th August (the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady). On 24th March 1980, after three years of courageous ministry as Archbishop of San Salvador, defending the poor and seeking peace in war-torn and oppressed El Salvador, he was murdered while offering Mass.

His assasination was ordered by the dictatorship that ruled the country at that time. None of those who ordered the killing have been brought to justice, though the Supreme Court of El Salvador has just this year overturned the Amnesty that the corrupt government of that time declared to protect itself. There will be a special Diocesan Mass of Celebration to mark the Centenary of Bl Oscar Romero’s birth (and pray that his canonisation will be soon) on Friday 18th August at 7.30pm at St Nicholas of Tolentino Church, Lawford’s gate, Bristol BS5 0RE. Come and be inspired by the life, death and resurrection of this remarkable and courageous Bishop, Pastor and Prophet – a Bishop who not only smelt of the sheep, but died a victim with them.

Fr Richard McKay spoke with Phil Gibbons about why he will be celbrating the Centenary and enlightened Phil about his life. Yu can hear Fr Richard below: