It is with sadness that we hear the news that Jean Vanier has died. May he Rest in Peace . His words before his death: “I am deeply peaceful and trustful. I’m not sure what the future will be but God is good and whatever happens it will be the best. I am happy and give thanks for everything. My deepest love to each one of you”

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.” Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier 1928 – 2019 – Philosopher, writer, religious and moral leader, founder of communities for people with and without intellectual disabilities… and above all, a follower of Jesus, a peacemaker

Young people from the Clifton Diocese were privileged to hear Jean Vanier in a special recording at CYMFed Flame earlier this year.

Watch “Jean Vanier at Flame 2019”

Jean Vanier Flame 2019 from CYMFed on Vimeo.