Our diocesan students for the permanent diaconate gathered together at St John’s, Bath, last Saturday (16 July) where five of their number received ministries – Richard Mills received the ministry of acolyte while, Jose Almeida, Bart Kowalewski, John Andrews and Charles Hickman each received the ministry of reader.  These ministries are a significant step in the men’s journey of discernment on the road to ordination to the diaconate.  A ministry at the service of God’s Word and a ministry of service at the table of the Lord form an important part in the life of the deacon.

Monsignor Liam Slattery, on behalf of Bishop Declan, conferred the ministries on the men, thanking them for their generosity and their families for the support they freely give, reminding us that the deacon’s life is lived out in the context of service and is dedicated to the service of the People of God.

Please keep all those journeying towards the diaconate in your prayers – pray that God will give each of them a heart filled with love for God and God’s people and gift them with all that they need to be like Jesus so that those to whom they minister may know Christ reaching out through them.