Missio Red Box holders, Volunteers and Supporters in the Clifton Diocese gathered together at Missio Masses in June and July to celebrate the Beatification of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, one of Missio’s founders.

Blessed Pauline Jaricot was a lay woman of formidable faith. In 1882 she formed small groups to support missionaries overseas through prayer and donations, and worked with the poor every day. She was declared Blessed in May 2022 in Lyon, France.

In June, Bishop Declan Lang celebrated Mass along with Missio’s Diocesan Director for Clifton – Fr Gary Brassington – and diocesan clergy, at Sacred Heart, Westbury on Trym.

Fr Anthony Chantry, Missio’s National Director, attended the Mission Mass and preached on the ‘Spirit of Mission’ that is inside us all. He encouraged us to go out and proclaim the Gospel without fear; explaining how Blessed Pauline Jaricot was often mocked by those around her in the Church for supporting missionary work, but nonetheless carried on. We can be inspired by her humble and devout faith in God and in her mission.

In July, Missio went on a brief tour of the Diocese and celebrated Masses in Stonehouse, Corsham and Taunton. After each Mass, Fr Gary Brassington thanked the Missio Local Secretaries and Promoters for all their brilliant efforts. He discussed how, in working with Br Eddie Slawinski MHM, the diocese can keep promoting Missio’s work and broaden its reach by expanding the Diocesan Mission team (represented by Deacon Paul Thompson, Mary and Maria).

The Mass at St George’s Taunton was offered for Br Eddie Slawinski’s mother who had passed away after a long illness.

All Masses were well attended. A big thank you goes to all the parish communities for hosting these celebrations and to our wonderful Volunteers and Supporters for making the journey to celebrate with us. More Masses across the diocese are being planned for 2023.

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Missio: today, tomorrow, together

As the Pope’s official charity for world mission, Missio enables Catholics in England and Wales to live out the call received at Baptism: to share in the Church’s universal mission.