On Ash Wednesday Bishop Declan called us to be a ‘People of Generous Giving’ not necessarily of our money but of our time. He asked us to think about how much time we give to others, to God and to our neighbour.

The Schools and Colleges in the Clifton Diocese have responded to this call.

This is a record of the amazing things the children and students have done to help others during Lent.

St Joseph’s Primary School in Burnham on Sea

commemorated the Passion of Jesus by taking part in the ‘Stations on the Cross’ on the school field.

The Year 6 children led the younger children in a prayer, reflection and the next steps they could take in their own lives at each Station.

The 14 crosses for each station were made by the school caretaker and the children provided art work to put on them.

​Our lady of the Rosary Primary School Bristol

CAFOD World Gifts

The Chaplains from Our Lady of the Rosary Primary in Bristol decided they wanted to support CAFOD as one of their charities in Lent. They chose to have a class competition over 3 weeks to raise the most money by donating pocket money or asking family and friends to pay for a home clothes day.

The chaplains wanted each class to choose the gifts they bought with the money they had raised. Altogether the school raised £816.46 and they bought lots of items for those in need.

The children could see their fundraising on display and track it as more money came in. Everyone enjoyed learning more about CAFOD’s work and how they can have an impact on others’ lives so far away. The school would like to say thank you to all those who donated so generously!

Please click on the link to see a video of the school’s RE Lenten work which they would like to share https://youtu.be/O8eqbnbflw0

St Mary’s Primary School, Chippenham

They learnt about Abdullah through the CAFOD assembly and decided to raise money for CAFOD by setting themselves walking challenges. Children at home carried a load on their backs and enjoyed walking challenges with their families.

At school, they collected water from the River Avon and carried 15 litres back to school – where they transferred the water into their school pond – as a symbol of life (they have frog spawn growing there).

St Catherine’s School, Swindon

Joseph, Year 6, has raised £225 for The Captain Sir Tom Moore Foundation. Joseph ran 100 laps round his roads (mostly in the rain!)


The children in St Francis Primary School in Nailsea have been given 40 kindness challenges to do during Lent. Here they are making Zoom calls to older relatives, helping round the house and helping to entertain younger siblings.

Two children from St Francis Primary School in Nailsea have given their time to others by serving on the altar at St Francis Church.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Swindon have been Walking for Water – staff and children and have raised £275. 

Here is their fundraising page: Our Schools is fundraising for The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) (justgiving.com). 

The staff created a fundraising video to kick start the challenge: Walk for Water – YouTube Children have also been uploading their videos and pictures. 

St Joseph’s Primary School in Fishponds, Bristol have collected food for their local food bank during Lent.

The Year 5 and 6 children from Holy Family Primary School in Swindon led a Lent reflection on the theme of Jesus and the Prophets make us brave.

Please press the link below to view it on the school’s website.


Holy Family Primary School in Bristol did the CAFOD walk for water and raised over £300 for the charity. A boy in Year 3 raised £100 by himself after being so inspired by the CAFOD assembly! The children did 10 laps of the school field which is about 3km in freezing conditions!