If you haven’t seen me floating around the Diocese anytime in the last 9 weeks, I am Aimee Gallivan. I am a student studying Media, Culture and Practice at the University West of England. I really enjoy the course I am studying but I understand that the media industry is highly competitive and it is recommended for students to try and get some work experience.

My intention this summer was to find a job or work placement relevant to my studies that would help to enhance my skills within the workplace after completing my studies. I was lucky to gain a role as assistant communications officer for Clifton Diocese.

The main objective was to help Phil Gibbons design the new website for Clifton Diocese. I was introduced to an online based tool called Sitemap which allowed me to organise the pages within the website. Once the Sitemap was completed it acts as a guide that you can refer too when creating the page and menus for a website.  The new website has been created on a WordPress platform; luckily I had previous knowledge of WordPress blog’s, so I was excited to learn a more complex version of the same programme. Another task I completed for the website was the map plugin; this allows users to access the specific location for each individual parish and school in the Diocese. Unfortunately, I won’t be here to witness the launch of the new website but I am extremely grateful for the new knowledge and design experience I have gained by developing the new website to where it is currently.

I quickly began to notice that the role of communications officer meant carrying a camera at all times, which I was happy about! The first event I went to was for the opening of the new sensory garden at Christ the King Primary School, Amesbury. I felt humbled watching the community come together to celebrate the life of the young boy, the blessing brought me to tears! It was lovely to see that the family had the support of the school, the community and the church at such an upsetting time and it is something I will not forget quickly. After capturing the images for any event I would then edit the images, using the Adobe Photoshop editing suit. I adjusted the brightness and contrast of an image to create the best impression and further resize the image accordingly depending on the platform the image would be uploaded onto. I also used my skills to capture and edit the new Clifton Diocese staff photos for the new website; I hope everyone was happy with them!

Lastly, I am aware that my time at Clifton Diocese has enhanced my website design skills and I can transfer these new skills onto my final year at university! Finally, I want to say a big thank you to Bishop Declan for allowing me to work in St Ambrose house for 9 weeks, it was a pleasure to get to know him and what a great,  selfless Bishop he is!  My last thank you is of course going to Phil Gibbons, I am extremely grateful for the support he has provided me with throughout the duration of the internship alongside teaching me new theory and practical skills.

This was a ten week internship with the University of the West of England.

Thank you Clifton Diocese
Aimee Gallivan