This was the final schools’ competition for the time being and produced some really interesting and creative entries. The theme of new life was interpreted in many different ways by our young writers. From butterflies and caterpillars to alien invaders from space. It was challenging to select winners and all who entered deserve congratulations. 

As we end this series of competitions, we would like to thank all those who took part and the teachers and parents who supported the children and encouraged them in their work.

These competitions winners were:

 Amelia Faux from St Patricks Corsham,   Fearne Eccles from St Catherine’s in Swindon and Gabriella Horwood. These were all very different stories. Amelia wrote a beautiful poem about the journey of a seed, Fearne wrote about a boy called Rock who travels into space and Gabriella told a story about a chicken called Rosie.

Runners up were:

Grace, Olive and Evie from St Bernadette’s primary school Bristol and Lexi van der Laan   who was an individual entry. Our youngest entrant and runner up in the junior category was Amy Stevens who is just 5 years old. We especially liked Amy’s drawing of a caterpillar.

Once again our thanks to all who entered.

You can read all the winning stories below:

Rock’s Planet

Once upon a time there was a boy called Rock who loved education, his mum and dad thought he was going to be a popstar just like them. They didn’t let him go to school but that didn’t bother him   because he did online work. Rock’s mum was dreaming, one stormy night, that Rock was winning America’s got talent and Michael gave Rock the Golden Buzzer because of his fantastic singing! Mum woke up and knew it was only a dream. In the morning, as usual Rock got out of bed, brushed his teeth and waxed his crazy hair. He got his Mac- Book out and started working on Fruit Education. While he was doing a 400-word essay on planets, he had a question which was; how many planets are there in the universe?  He wasn’t sure, so Rock searched it up on Google and it said 9 planets. ‘’ Mercury , Venus , Earth ,Mars, Jupiter , Saturn, Uranus , Neptune and Rubixatani ‘’confusedly said’’ Well that’s a weird and wonderful name ‘’ Mum ran into the humongous bedroom that Rock worked in and told Rock ‘’ We have won tickets into Space with Mr Kershaw, Dad was enthusiastic about it too ‘’ .Rock said ‘’ Well I really would like to go and see this planet , Rubixatani that I have just learned about.”

So, he decided to go and get dressed, he wore his favourite perfect Nike trousers, Fila trainers and an adidas t-shirt and hoodie. The family set off for the space station. When they got there Mr Kershaw, the top astronaut, was waiting for them. They got to choose between the pink C18 rocket or the red B40 rocket. Rock chose the red one as it was the fastest!! 3…..2…..1 GO GO GO they were up up and away. Mum was a bit flight sick, Dad was staring out the window at all the planets, while Rock had spotted the planet that he was so desperately wanting to see:  Rubixatani. It was beautiful, magnificent and fantastic!!!! It had blue and orange shades to it. Mr Kershaw told Rock, Mum and Dad all about Rubixatani, this made mum feel better, he told them they could go on the magical planet as long as they were careful.

While they were on Rubixatani, Mr Kershaw explained how it had been made, that some Aliens had gathered lots of floating rocks from Mars and put them altogether to make the new planet. It had only just been finished so they were the first lucky people to walk on it and see it. “WOW” said Rock, Mum and Dad, it was mind blowing. They were excited to know who would live there, what would they look like and how would they talk! Rock told them all that one day he was going to come back to this beautiful new planet! Mr Kershaw told them it was time to go, so they all climbed back into the Red B40 rocket and zoooomed home. Rock couldn’t believe the day they had had, it felt like a dream, maybe it was??????

The End

Fearne Eccles, age 8.

St Catherines Primary School

Once there was a rabbit pack who lived in the wilderness in a perfect field of blossoms of every colour you can think of! There, under a tree, was a hole where rabbits lay sweetly on the mud.

One night, the mummy rabbit who lived in the muddy burrow, had a baby called Sweety.

When Sweety was a few weeks old, her mum let her go out of the burrow alone to explore the bright coloured blossom field.

So she set off to explore her dream. On the way, she met the chief rabbit. He stood grand and still. He was staring at Sweety.

Sweety said, scared and slowly “Hi.  How are you” and she nervously looked away.

The chief said “Where are you going?  This Is a fine place, because I found it”.

Sweety then stepped away and began her trip, but the chief followed her and said “where are you going?”

Sweety sighed and said “I am going to explore!”

The chief was scared because there were foxes there, and this field was big.  And what’s more, she might get lost.

“But you might get eaten or get lost.”

But Sweety didn’t believe him at all. When it was dark, she started to head home.  While she was going back, she muttered “I can believe him trying to destroy my dream of my life “ But then she didn’t know were home was.

She sat lonely on a rock crying her way to sleep.

 During the night, she saw some fox eyes, and, as they passed, she ran as fast as she could.  The fox ran after her, but the fox hit the tree “SPLAT!!!!!!!!!”

She sat and sat saying “I should have listened to him. I got lost and a fox tried to kill me!”

“You should have listened” said a voice in the distance. Sweety froze when the voce said “Don’t you remember me!?”

Sweety said “Chief?”.  The chief said, ”Yes, its ME”.

“How did you find me?”

He said “I smelled and heard you!  I can hear you a mile away”

“I am glad you found me.” she said.  “Can I go home now!?”


So they went home.

Sweety saw her mum looking so sad. Mummy rabbit said “Where has she gone?“   Then she started to cry.

Sweety went in.

Her mum looked at her, wiped the tears off her cheek, and smiled.  Sweety rushed to hug mummy rabbit and she told her everything what had happened.  They lived happily ever after.

 the End.

By Lexi van der Laan   Age 9


Celebrating New Life

Eggs, Chicks Rabbits and Hares are often associated with Easter because, in Pagan times, they were signs of Fertility and New Life. The Early Christians took over the meaning of New Life because it helped them remember the Resurrection and having New Life through Jesus Christ.


Eggs were used by the ancient Persians and Egyptians to celebrate New Year, which happened for them in spring time. The eggs were coloured and eaten during the celebrations. In Europe, coloured eggs were used to celebrate Easter as house decorations. In Eastern European countries, such as Hungary and Romania, wooden eggs are beautifully painted in lots of different patterns. The patterns often have special names and meanings and help to tell the Easter Story.

In Russia, during the early years of the 20th century, the former Royal rulers Czar Alexander III and Czar Nicholas II had some very special Easter Eggs made for them by the jeweller Carl Fabergé, creating the infamous Fabergé eggs.The first egg was a gift from Alexander III to his wife, was made of gold and white enamel. Inside the egg was a golden yolk containing a golden hen with ruby eyes. Inside the hen was a tiny golden crown. It was so beautiful that the Czar (meaning King) said that every Easter, Fabergé should make the Czarina (or Queen) a special egg.

The design of the egg was left up to Fabergé, but each egg had to have a surprise in it. It was made of solid silver, with a map of the train route on it. The stations were marked with precious Jewels, and inside was a gold clockwork train! Fabergé made eggs for other members of the Russian royal family, and occasionally for the Czar to present to other monarchs. They are very precious, and are kept in royal collections and museums.

In some countries, egg hunts take place over Easter. Eggs are hidden around a house or garden and children have to find them. Sometimes they are told that the eggs were hidden by the Easter Hare or Bunny.

Hares and Bunnies

These animals are often associated with Easter because most babies of the animals are born in Spring around Easter time. In Pagan times, like Eggs, Rabbits and Hares were signs of Good Luck and New Life. The Early Christians took over the meaning since it reminded them of Jesus

being raised from the dead and having New Life.


The Lamb is a symbol of Jesus in the Bible as He was called ‘the Lamb of God’. This is because Lambs were and are still used in the Jewish faith as a sacrifice for people’s sins and wrong doings. Christians believe that Jesus was killed and sacrificed for everyone. In many countries, Lamb is eaten as the main Easter Day meal.

Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets come from European traditions of wearing flowers on a hat to celebrate spring. It was developed over the years into a way of ladies celebrating Easter and of showing off to family and friends as to who had the best Bonnet! Countries all over the world now host hat shows to celebrate Easter.

By Evie McCarthy

Year 5

St Bernadette Primary School,>

Sent in by teacher

Tails of Olivia: Saving the Princess

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Olivia who lived in a beautiful old house. One day, her mother decided that she could go to the seaside herself today, Olivia was delighted. When she got there, she thought “I want to go for a swim.” While she was in the water, she felt a strong tug at her leg she tugged and pulled but the grip was too strong and she was pulled underwater. When she looked at her legs to see if there were any cuts she realised that in the place of her legs were a fish tail. She was a mermaid!

Amazingly, she saw loads of other mermaids swimming around her, one swam up to her and said “Welcome Olivia I’m the queen of Mermadilin, Morva I’ve summoned you here because I need your help, the princess has been captured by the evil sea witch called Seena please find her and most importantly you can’t tell anyone about Mermadilin, otherwise our secret will be revealed. I have faith in you Olivia!”

Olivia was very shocked but just managed to say “who will be my guide and my mum will get very worried about me!” “Coral will be your guide and times are different in our world and yours” So the two girls made their way to Seena’s lair it was a long and scary journey but the girls made it. Coral said the magic password and it opened and no-one was there!

Coral said “we should probably look around.” When they looked around Olivia suddenly spotted a small piece of paper on the floor. She picked it up and as soon as she picked it up a cage fell on top of her and trapped her she suddenly realised the note said “gocha! Ha Ha” she was very scared but Coral had mermaid magic and blasted the door open!

Olivia said “we’ve got to get out of here in case there are any more traps here.” When they got out Coral realised that Seena was there and wisper-shouted “hide!” Olivia hid just in time and Seena didn’t see her the girls saw the princess and she was frozen!

“We’ve got to distract Seena in some way so one of us can get the princess.” “I’ve got an idea, Seena  thinks she’s very beautiful so if someone distracts her by talking about how beautiful she is we can go and grab the princess, I can use my  magic!” said Coral excitedly. Using her magic she made a starfish appear and it started telling Seena how beautiful she was!

When they got back to the castle, the queen was delighted to see them. “Have you got the princess?” she asked “Yes but she’s frozen” exclaimed Olivia “A little bit of magic can fix that!” said the queen happily. When the princess was unfrozen she said “thank you very much Olivia and Coral, without you two I wouldn’t be here right now!” “Thank you Olivia and Coral but you Olivia better get going!” said the queen “yes I should, bye.” Olivia said sadly when she got home her mom said “did you have a good time?” Olivia replied “it was magical!”