We’re living through history-shaping events. Laudato Si’ teaches us how to build a better world–together.

People everywhere are crying out for hope, and our faith is urgently needed to light the way. For Laudato Si’ Week, 16-24 May, Catholics are uniting in solidarity for a more just and sustainable future.

Stand united with our brothers and sisters in faith as we grow through the crisis of this moment to build a better tomorrow.

  • Reflect and prepare through online trainings, 16-23 May
  • Join the worldwide day of prayer, 24 May
  • Put preparation into action during the Season of Creation, this September

Partner Events

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Are the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change linked?  

This is one of the issues discussed in a special conversation with Fr Augusto Zampini, adjunct secretary of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Integral Human Development, and Christiana Figueres former Executive Secretary of the Climate Change Secretariat (United Nations Foundation on Climate Change).  The webinar, now available on YouTube, is part of a series prepared by the Global Catholic Climate Movement (and others)  to celebrate Laudato Si week and to encourage reflection on its theme ‘Everything is connected’. 

To conclude the week, join Catholics around the world for a shared moment of prayer at noon local time on Sunday 24 May.

Laudato ‘Si

On the Care for our Common Home is the Pope’s Encyclical Letter on the environment and human ecology.

Pope Francis challenges us to consider the kind of world we want to leave to those who come after us. It’s not just an ‘environment encyclical’, it leads us to ask ourselves about the meaning of existence and the values at the heart of social life: “What is the purpose of our life in this world? What is the goal of our work and all our efforts? What need does the earth have of us?”

Pope Francis, quoting Pope Saint John Paul II, reminds us that, as Christians, we are called to be responsible custodians of creation:

“Christians in their turn ‘realise that their responsibility within creation, and their duty towards nature and the Creator, are an essential part of their faith’”.

Bishop Declan said of the Encyclical of the Holy Father:

“I welcomed the recent encyclical of the Holy Father Francis: Laudato si’ – On the Care for our Common Home.

Pope Francis’ significant encyclical reminds us of our common humanity and our part in the whole of creation.

I think this is a due reminder to us all of the responsibility that we have towards one and other and the whole environment and its well-being. To have a love for humanity is to have a love for the environment and to have a true love for the environment is to love humanity.

The Pope calls us to have an honest look at our lifestyle and to see in which areas we need to change. Two areas he points out is the waste of food, and the suffocating of our sensitivity towards others, which can arise through consumerism.

He calls upon Governments to act for the common good both towards its own citizens and towards the other nations of our world. He reminds us that man is more than an economic unit and we need to recapture a deeper sense of what it is to be human.”


Laudato si

Laudato si is Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter on “The Care of Our Common Home”. Released on Thursday, 18 November 2015.


Laudato si – Summary –

Laudato si is Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter on “The Care of Our Common Home”. This 10-page summary – a map – serves as a useful guide for an initial reading of the Encyclical.


If you want to buy a hard copy of Laudato si’, you can pre-order from the Catholic Truth Society. Click to purchase for £4.95

ISBN: 9781784690700

Listen here to Mary Colwell, a radio producer and writer on enviromental issues. She gives a great overview of the key messages of Laudato si

Carmody Grey is a Doctorate student at Bristol University, she explains what she thinks of the Pope’s message and how, as a young person, it will impact on hers, and other young people’s lives.

The final podcast is by Jane Critten. As a mother of five young children., she explains her hopes for the future and how the message from Pope Francis will help her in her family life and how this could make a better place to live for her children in the future.