Proposal to amend the religious designation of All Saints’ Academy in Cheltenham to a Church of England School as a result of the proposed withdrawal of the Catholic Diocese of Clifton as the co-sponsor of All Saints’ Academy.

What is proposed for All Saints’ Academy and why?
All Saints’ Academy is currently a joint sponsor-led church academy sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton and the Anglican Diocese of Gloucester. It was established at a time when academisation followed a differing set of documentation and the educational landscape was significantly different. In light of significant educational changes the two Dioceses are formally seeking views on plans to change the religious designation of the academy to a Church of England School, following the proposed withdrawal of Clifton Diocese as a co-sponsor of the academy.
Both Bishops and trustees of each diocese are fully supportive of the proposal, believing it to be within the interests of the school community. Sole sponsorship, by Gloucester Diocese, and the resulting change in religious designation, will enable the academy to explore further opportunities for collaborative working, including the possibility of becoming part of a multiacademy trust. This would not be possible under existing arrangements owing to legal restrictions of governance by the Catholic church, whose primary aim is to safeguard and preserve the Catholic identity and Catholic faith within its schools.

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