A collaborative project with the Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation of Clifton Diocese and the Pastoral Ministry Office of Northampton Diocese

This is a new world we are moving into, full of uncertainties. We don’t know what resources we will have, who will come back to church, or how things will unfold over the next year. It’s looking as if a return to church will be a trickle-back rather than a flood, and we need to make the most of opportunities along the way. We have two different needs facing us:

– to re-establish our existing communities and ministry groups;
– to reach out to those who have not yet returned and to new people.

Here is a collection of ideas to encourage and inspire communities to help parishes meet these needs. There are resource sheets for a variety of different ministries, and webinars through the autumn. We hope you find this helpful.

Using the resources
There are a variety of different ways these resources can be used.

Whole parish approach: some parishes are using the pandemic to have a strategic look at their activities: what have we always wanted to change? What has the past year shown us about our communities? These resources can help parishes to focus on renewing their ministries and reaching out to schools and the local community.

Pick and mix approach: some parishes will prefer to focus on one or two opportunities: for example, rebuilding community through social activities or renewing their music ministry.

Individual response: resources can also be used by individuals to re-gather the ministries they are involved in, for example bringing together welcomers and stewards.

Every parish will do this differently!

We are joining with Northampton Diocese to offer three webinars to support these resources through September:

6th September: Fr. Nicholas King SJ will reflect with us on Christian Hospitality as we find it in the Gospel of Luke.

20th September (tbc) Jo Boyce will inspire us to refresh our music ministry with lots of new ideas to help us get going again.

27th September: Avril Baigent and Sarah Adams reflect on the practical steps to help re-build our communities.

To book, go to https://refresh_renew.eventbrite.co.uk

RESOURCE SHEETS – click on the title to access each sheet

Parish overview – how have our parishes changed over the last 18 months?
Hospitality – how can we have the best welcome back to church?
Readers – opportunities for readers to refresh their ministry
Music Ministry – a fresh look at our music ministry
Children’s Liturgy of the Word– bringing our children’s liturgy groups back
Inviting people back to church – how can we feel more confident to invite friends and family back to church?