When Cafod launched their project called ‘Share the Journey’ Clifton schools took part enthusiastically.  The project aims to show solidarity with refugees and learn a little more about their stories. Groups or individuals were asked to go on a walk, total up the miles and send their result to cafod. Groups of our schools decided to walk in Priknash Abbey, up Glastonbury Tor and across Bristol Downs. As we walked we prayed for and learnt about refugees. We also sang as we went though what honesty requires us to say that on the actual climb up, Glastonbury Tor most of our breath was kept for the climb, at least on the adults part. Quite a few passer-by stopped to ask what we were doing and everyone who asked was really encouraging and interested in the reasons for the walk. Cafod aimed to gather enough miles to have walked round the world and it is good to know that the schools helped cafod reach their total and beyond


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