St Bernadette’s parish, Whitchurch hosted their first Youth retreat in July.The theme of ‘Masks we wear’ was inspired by scripture and was explored during the retreat.

‘We all wear masks in our lives. We wear makeup to make ourselves feel prettier, we act differently around  friends than we would our family. We strive to be accepted into society. What we sometimes forget is that we do not need to strive with God. He loves us unconditionally and even more, than we can ever imagine. (Eph 3:26)  We are challenged to take down the masks we place up, only when we do-do we shine.’

Youth leaders stayed with the young people over night at the church. We offered reflections on our theme of ‘masks’, evening prayer and Fr Matt was available to offer input and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament . There was also opportunities to play games and watch a film together.

The following day was also opened up to younger members of our parish who continue to explore the theme of ‘masks’; with art workshops, reflections and prayer.

We finished our retreat with a lively Vigil Mass, that was supported with music from Simon and Rebecca of New Awakenings worship.

The young people, presented their art work, took part in the Welcome, Liturgy of the Word and Offertory. It was a lovely celebration of our youth and their efforts were warmly received by parishioners.