St Edward’s school at Melchet Court have been awarded the Participator Level of the Oscar Romero Award. They are the first school in the Diocese to be given this award and are now working across the Diocese to work with other schools to help them achieve the same.


The Oscar Romero Award supports schools in realising and living the unique calling of a Catholic school to become an evangelising centre by empowering young people and staff to become true agents of the change they want to see in the world by putting their faith into action.

This is along with many other great things they are doing at the school such as:

  • Re-foresting an entire meadow onsite with over 400 trees this Autumn with another 450 in the Easter term
  • Creating our own oak tree nursery to teach boys the rudiments of agro-forestry
  • Helping finance a tree planting programme in our partner school in Uganda
  • Just finished a 3 well project in Uganda, spending just over £3,000 to give fresh water to a district near the partner school.

Stephen Whelan is head of Religious studies at the special school and spoke to Phil Gibbons from recently about this award and all the other things happening at the school.

You can hear the podcast below: