On Friday 6th of July 2018, St. John’s Catholic Primary School went on Pilgrimage. Every child took part in this wonderful experience. Children in Yr 6, Yr 5 and some in Yr 4, put on their walking shoes and walked to St. Thomas More Church in Bradford on Avon. All other children were ferried by minibus and coach to the same destination. They were welcomed by Canon Liam O’Driscoll, who gave each year group a short history of the Church of St. Thomas More and the children then took part in reflective prayer stations before having lunch and returning to Trowbridge.

The children, supported by staff, governors and parents were inspired to do this by CAFOD’s invitation to ‘Share the journey’ and contemplate the plight of the refugees in our world at this time. During this mini-pilgrimage each child and participating adults reflected on what it would be like to be a refugee. They were reminded of the words of Pope Francis who tells us that Christ asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share in a very small way the walk of the migrant and refugee. We continue to pray for a just world where all can live in peace and prosperity and there will be no need for anyone to leave the homes and lands that are their homes.

Phil Gibbons walked (most of the way) along the canal with the students and spoke to Darcie and Lydia, as well as Fr Tom along the route: