The schools’ department is running a competition every fortnight whilst schools are closed. Our first competition was based around the theme of Hope, with pupils being asked to write a short story around this theme.

We were delighted with the response and everyone who took part deserves congratulations. The stories were imaginative and creative, and it was really difficult to choose the winners. However a decision had to made

In the under 8 group the winner was Harvey Ryan who is 7 and wrote about a dog called Hope.  The runner up was Mathew Martins. 

The 8-12 category produced some incredible imaginative stories, the judges were impressed with effort everyone made. Some stories were also beautifully illustrated. All entries in this group were excellent  eventually the judges decided on 4 finalists, Leonardo Borgnana who wrote about the strange events that happened in the small town of Rocksworth, Harry Sadd who wrote about the events in the life of a boy called Dean, Jory Backwell who wrote about climate change and  Ida Synan who wrote a very reflective story about recovering after illness. The eventual winner was Leonardo Borganana.

In the older age group the winner was Esther Rumsey, who wrote a powerful story about renewal. The finalist in this group was Shefali Fernandes who wrote a moving story about loneliness in a nursing home.

There was one entry which received a special commendation as a group effort from the Hudson family. This tale of a cat called Hope was written by Nicole  and  Georgina  Hudson  and the drawing  of  Hope was by Laurie  Hudson

To everyone who took part we would like to say thank you. Your stories inspired us. If you didn’t win then please take part in our next competition which ends on the 20th of April

This time our competition is to design an Easter Garden. An Easter Garden should try to convey the meaning of Easter.  If possible then you might like to create something outside in your garden, or if you might like to create one from materials inside your house or even draw one. Once the project is finished please take a picture and send the pictures to Don’t forget to include your age.

All the stories are downloadable below:

Finding Hope Hudson family

A Tale of Hope

Esther Rumsey Short Story Competition Hope (1)

Harry Sadd

Harvey Ryan – Y3 – Story Of Hope (1)

Jory Bakewell

Matthew Martins Story – Theme Hope (1)

Shefali Fernandes

The Power of Hope