The Taunton parish recently celebrated the end of the Diocesan year of prayer with a week of guided prayer. 32 parishioners signed up, with more than a little trepidation after talks and leaflets at Sunday Masses, and an introductory evening. A team of 7 trained prayer guides came to us for a week, from the Plymouth Diocesan IGNATIAN Spirituality Team.
Each parishioner prayed at home for 30 minutes a day and met their individual guide, one to one, for 30 minutes each day for confidential help and guidance with ways of praying.
We were using our imagination and our hearts to get right into the Gospel incidents of Jesus’ life and ministry; to meet him as alive and active in our own lives today. We began to find the Lord in every aspect and situation of our lives in a new and vital way.
At the end of the week in a very moving group meeting we shared some of the experiences of the week with each other .
The whole parish, and friends elsewhere were praying for the week to be blessed. This was a powerful help.
Here are some anonymous reactions to the week from some of our parishioners.
“ Prayer through the imagination was such a powerful and emotional experience for me, I pray everyone had an opportunity to take part in a week of guided prayer.”
“An inspiring and helpful week.”
“I feel a sense of renewal in my prayer-life (I prayed but I was a bit stuck). Some excitement … “new tools in my tool box.” A fantastic week.”
“During the contemplation I had a very strong sense being in Jesus’ company and of hearing him speak to me. This is not something I have sensed before, at least not in my adult life.”
“I felt welcomed and very gently was helped to open my heart to God“
“The guide helped me to speak to Jesus this week and have a conversation with him, I will be forever grateful“

Rev Ed Channing