On 8 June, Bishop Bosco and over 80 members of our diocesan family gathered at St Bernadette’s Secondary School in Bristol for The Eucharist: A Bond of Love Which Can Never Be Undone.

Fr Michael McAndrew guided us through our reflections in a clear, accessible, and insightful manner which helped us to shift our thinking regarding the Eucharist away from “What” and towards “Who.”

If you were unable to join us on the day – or if you were but would like to return to Fr Michael’s rope image, or the way he illuminated Jesus’ response when presented with the woman caught in adultery – below are the recordings of Fr Michael’s keynote talks.

In the second talk, the reading from John’s Gospel was not picked up by the microphone. The passage is John 8.

The video to which Fr Michael refers in the third talk can be viewed here:

The Veil Removed – Film – YouTube