The 8th January 2024 marked a truly special occasion as we became a part of the Little Way Catholic Educational Trust. To commemorate this momentous day, we started with a special assembly where we watched a getting-to-know-you video from each of the schools, indulged in delicious cake, made bookmarks for our reading books, and engaged in hand-printing to make a banner for each of our classrooms.  What made it extra special was that all of the Trust schools were doing the same activities at the same time.

The Little Way Catholic Educational Trust (LWCET) was launched on 1st January 2024 with six founding schools: St Catharine’s in Chipping Campden, St Joseph’s in Nympsfield, St Thomas More in Cheltenham, St Peter’s Primary in Gloucester, The Catholic School of St Gregory the Great, Cheltenham and The Rosary School in Stroud.

Their patron saint is St Therese of Lisieux who was known for doing little acts of kindness with a lot of love to make a big difference to everyone she met.  She was often called ‘The Little Flower’ because she brightened the day for many.  In using her as a role model, each child in the Trust brought in a box of cereal (a little act with a lot of love), added it to the domino chain and knocked them down in a huge domino run that stretched across all of the schools.  As a Trust, over 800 boxes of cereal were collected and given to both the schools’ own foodbanks and community foodbanks such as CCP Pantry and Feed the Hungry.  Interim CEO, Charlotte Blanch was proud that “As a Trust, together, with all of our little acts, we made a big difference to the communities that we serve”.

The Little Way Catholic Educational Trust has been founded by six Catholic Primary schools in Gloucestershire but the vision for Bishop Declan and the Diocese of Clifton is that all of the Catholic schools in Gloucestershire and Swindon will join the Trust over the coming years.  This is a very exciting time for Catholic education in the area.

‘Getting to know you’ videos from each of the schools:

St Thomas More, Cheltenham

St Gregory’s, Cheltenham

St Peter’s, Gloucester

Rosary, Stroud 

St Joseph’s, Nympsfield

St Catharine’s, Chipping Campden