Ann Evans, November 2019.

This summer I spent two months in the parish of Mbosho, training the staff of the Parish Dispensary in Alignment Therapy so that they could help the local people with their back and shoulder pains from their work as struggling farmers.  

I was invited to work in this particular place by Father Calistus Msuri Shayo, a young enthusiastic priest who is struggling in this impoverished area to help and work with his parishioners. He and his partner priest, Father Timotei, do not have salaries so they have to create funds with projects in order to service the 7 churches they are responsible for.  The 6 outstations are not easy to reach and the parishioners can only give pitiful amounts to help with the fuel needed for the Fathers to get to them.

I stayed in the priest’s house with the Fathers and was made most welcome by everyone there.  The training of the Dispensary staff went really well and now they are able to help people who come with their pain. Alignment Therapy is a gentle form of chiropractic and there is no other such treatment available. However, there are many people suffering with acute back pain who are unable to reach the Dispensary and they hope one day to have a mobile clinic for this so that they can reach even more remote villages.

There is a small parish kindergarten in Mbosho but they have no equipment, books or writing materials. They are given a mug of porridge for lunch which the parish provides but it is difficult for the parish to maintain the salary of the teacher, Rosie.

What I would like to see is a link between a parish or group here to be a support to Mbosho to help them to get onto their feet and become self supporting. Fr Calistus will make people most welcome to stay there and then be able to see the situation and discuss possibilities. At the moment they have pigs, chickens, goats and cows as well as growing crops to make money but all these projects struggle because of lack of food for the animals and the drought of the last rainy season.

I am very happy to come and talk to groups and individuals about the situation and work of Mbosho and put them in direct touch with Fr Calistus.

For more information please get in touch with me, Ann Evans,