On 30 September 2023, an ecumenical prayer vigil will take place in Rome in the presence of Pope Francis and representatives of different Churches, to unite us in praise and silence, in listening to the Word. Young people aged between 18 and 35 from across Europe, from all Church backgrounds, are invited from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and will be welcomed for a weekend of sharing, to journey together as the people of God.
Of course, there will be many of us who will not be in Rome for this occasion, but we are still encouraged to join Pope Francis and the Young people of our world in a time of prayer within our own communities. To aid this, ‘Together – Gathering of the People of God’ have provided us with a prayer outline for the Vigil. Ideally this is an ecumenical opportunity and so if you can, do invite people from other churches in your area to participate.
Within this booklet we have set out an order of service for you to use as it is or to adapt to suit the needs of your own community.
If a service on 30th September is not possible, please consider holding it anytime in the lead up to or during the Synod which starts on October 3rd.
You will find more information below: ‘Together – Gathering of the People of God’.
Various songs, chants, and moments of reflection may be suggested at different points along the way but for further resources, and lists of appropriate media, please refer to the official Synodal resources, together2023.net.

Synod Vigil of Prayer 2023