A number of the young Catholic adult pilgrims travelling together to the Holy Land in July visited Downside Abbey recently as part of their preparation for the trip. Director of Vocations Fr. Matt Anscombe, and Dom Anselm Brumwell of Downside, were both on hand to provide guidance to the group. In particular, Fr. Matt spoke about the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage, and Dom Anselm assisted in trying to “unpick” the complicated history of Jerusalem.

Some of the practicalities of the pilgrimage were on the agenda, but the weekend was also an opportunity to get to know one another, and to pray in preparation.

The group gelled together very well. The pilgrimage promises to be a great (and hot!) one. They will visit many of the sites associated with the Old Testament and the life of Jesus. But it will not just be a church crawl – they will wade through Hezekiah’s tunnel, spend a night in a Bedouin camp and have the opportunity for some swimming and rafting.

If you are interested in attending the pilgrimage, there are still places left. Please contact the organiser to book your place.