Father Matt Anscombe
will be happy to answer any questions or to help explore a possible vocation to serve as a priest in the Clifton Diocese.

Vocations Director:

Fr Matt Anscombe
St Bernadette’s Presbytery
731 Wells Road
Phone: 01275 833699

Pray for more Priests!

In the last couple of years, within the Clifton Diocese, we launched a campaign from our Vocations Ministry headquarters. This is an encouragement to get the whole diocese praying for more priests. The promotional material, which went into the parishes, says the following: Dear Parishioners, Let us remind ourselves that we have all been given a specific vocation. God has created each one of us for some specific purpose. One such vocation, which is crucial for the flourishing of the Church, is the priesthood.

Why priests?

Through his priests, Jesus teaches and leads and helps us grow in holiness.

Through his priests, Jesus brings us forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation.

Through his priests, Jesus makes himself present in the sublime gift of the Eucharist.

To help us grow in holiness and to become who we are called to be, we need the sacraments.

What can we do?

Please pray for vocations to the priesthood. Please do all that you can to encourage vocations to the priesthood. Thank you.

What can we do to aid this stepping up of prayer for vocations to the priesthood? Well, how about trying to….

….support the Eucharistic Adoration in your parish praying for vocations to the priesthood

(check out the list below of parishes offering regular Eucharistic Adoration for vocations and update us if we don’t have you down already)

….invite housebound parishioners to pray for vocations to the priesthood

….pray a daily decade of the Rosary for vocations to the priesthood

….pray as a family for vocations to the priesthood (praying especially for those families where these vocations will be fostered)

….off your Friday fast for vocations to the priesthood (or any day for that matter!)

Above all:

…pray, pray, pray!

…encourage young men to consider the priesthood

…ask the question, could Jesus be calling you to be a priest.

Here is the prayer, which we hope will be fervently prayed for the coming months and years.


A prayer for priestly vocations

   Loving Father,

in baptism you call us to be
a people of hope.

 Raise up, we pray, especially
for our diocese of Clifton,
many good and holy priest.

 Grant men throughout our diocese
the courage and vision needed
to shepherd and serve
your people as priests.

 Open up, in your love,
the hearts of all your children
that they may discern your
holy will and know your call
in their lives.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


 Our Lady, Woman of Hope – pray for more priests

St Peter, Rock of Hope – pray for more priests

St Paul, Apostle of Hope – pray for more priests


Parishes where there is regular Eucharistic Adoration and prayer for vocations:

St Dunstan’s Keynsham
Holy Hour from 5-6pm every Saturday at which people are encouraged to pray for more priests

St Joseph’s, Portishead
An hour’s prayer for vocations on Tuesday evenings from 6.45 pm

St. Joseph’s Stonehouse
First Saturday Mass of the first week of every Month dedicated to vocations to priesthood and religious life

St Georges, Taunton
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Thursdays @ 12noon (prior to the 12.30pm Mass)

Sacred Heart, Tisbury
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 25 minutes before our Sunday evening Mass i.e. at 6.00

The Annunciation, Woodchester
Rosary prayed most Fridays, including the intention for Vocations among the intentions.

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